Networking Group Celebrates Further Growth

We’re in Lancashire Business View, again! This is excellent coverage for The Business Network Central & East Lancashire:

A Lancashire business networking group is celebrating after hitting a new record in membership numbers, which it attributes to a revitalised interest in face-to-face business in the county.

After celebrating a post-Covid peak of 120 members in August last year, The Business Network Central & East Lancashire hit a new high of 135 members the same month this year.

First launched in 2009 by organiser Karen Tems, The Business Network Central & East Lancashire is a membership organisation, bringing together business leaders and decisionmakers in a structured, lunch-based format that aims to help businesses connect and provide introductions for each other.

Each lunchtime event includes an optional morning seminar, delivered by specialists from within the group on a range of topics from business strategy, growth and succession planning to personal development and mental health in the workplace.  

Event organiser Karen Tems said: “Despite the challenges of the current economic environment, we feel there is still a real buzz and urge to succeed in the local business community.

“After the pandemic, there was a natural bounce back, but we have found that has simply continued. It’s almost like people have realised how much they missed each other.

“Also, it seems the growing popularity of hybrid working and working from home means people just have an increased need to rub shoulders with their fellow humans in the real world.

“What’s more, as the membership has increased, so has the number of members reporting significant business success through the connections they have made. It’s one thing to reach out and form relationships on social media, but it seems nothing can beat looking a person in the eyes in order to gain the confidence to refer their services to one of your trusted contacts.

“But it’s not just about the business contacts; members really value the support simply of meeting and sharing lunch with likeminded people. One of our members at a recent presentation to the group said the welcoming environment of our monthly meetings just feels like a monthly hug – which is definitely something you cannot get online!”

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