When I think of great networking hosts, I think of Karen. Karen welcomes you before you even get to one of her events and you know exactly what’s going on and what the plan is!

I enjoy networking events that are managed well, I can learn something new at, and I can chat to other business owners and senior decision makers in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Karen and The Business Network Central and East Lancashire ticks all those boxes.

Karen is super welcoming, a great personality and is always happy to go that extra mile for any of her members or guests. She’s also great at understanding your businesses and helping make the right introductions.

When I attended as a guest the first time, the next day I signed up as a member, because it was the combination of a fab event, fab host and fab people, that made me join.

My business, DigiEnable are now in our 3rd year of corporate membership, and long may it continue. Seeing Karen’s bright and smiling face as you turn up, is always a comfort to see. Highly recommended!

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