Truthful Testimonials (based in Colne) has delivered a suite of videos for The Business Network Central & East Lancashire to aid the networking group illustrate the value it provides for its members.

The Business Network Central & East Lancashire is a membership organisation, bringing together business leaders and decision makers in a structured lunch-based format that aims to help businesses connect and provide introductions for each other.

Its monthly lunchtime events include an optional morning seminar, delivered by specialists from within the group on a range of topics from business strategy, growth and succession planning to personal development and mental health in the workplace.

The videos produced by Truthful Testimonials include a seven-minute video for the company’s website and a series of testimonials from its members for use across social and other marketing platforms.

Truthful Testimonials is the UK’s leading dedicated video testimonial production and verification company, led by managing director Jon Coulter and creative director Karen Wormwell, with a team of video producers, verification officers, camera operators and editors.

Truthful Testimonials creative director, Karen Wormwell “Video is quickly becoming one of the most potent forms of marketing in the modern digital economy and customer testimonials have been proven to have the highest effectiveness rating of all types of content marketing.

“The real power of a professionally-produced video testimonial, is its ability to build trust and credibility in a business by showing authentic customers giving genuine feedback about their experiences.

“Every individual video testimonial is verified by our skilled team to ensure that the customer featured, and the story they tell, are completely authentic. We don’t feature actors, stooges, family members or friends, just 100% genuine customers talking about their honest experience as a customer.

“This social proof helps to reduce hesitancy and maximise trust levels in potential new customers, so we’re really pleased to be able to complete this work with The Business Network Central & East Lancashire, allowing its members to explain the benefits themselves.”

The Business Network Central & East Lancashire director Karen Tems said: “We launched the main video that will feature on our website at our January event in place of the usual member 10-minute spotlight and feedback from our members has been great.

“For us, it’s all about the experience we provide for our members, so it is wonderful and a great accolade for our team to hear from our members first-hand how much they value what we do.”

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